15 Secrets From The Set Of ‘Legally Blonde’

Remember the famous romantic comedy film, "Legally Blonde?" That movie dealt with the blonde girl stereotype in an entirely new light. Find out here some fun facts you probably didn't know about "Legally Blonde!"

Here are some secrets from the set of “Legally Blonde,” a movie which broke all the dumb blonde stereotypes:

1. Reese Witherspoon spent several weeks with various girls from various sororities so she could prepare herself for the role of Elle in “Legally Blonde.”

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2. Matthew Davis fell for Reese on the set of “Legally Blonde.” He didn’t even mind that Reese was married to Ryan Philippe at that time!


3. Elle’s LSAT score was 179. And do you know what’s the perfect LSAT score? The perfect LSAT score is 180.


4. Reese’s character wore nearly 40 different hairstyles in “Legally Blonde!”

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5. Because of her contract, Reese got all of Elle’s clothes!


6. She even got all of Elle’s shoes which were designed by Jimmy Choo! How many pairs of shoes did Reese get? All 63 of them!

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7. Reese claims she based Elle’s character on the character of Evelyn Williams which she played in “American Psycho.”

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8. “Legally Blonde” movie’s test audience didn’t like the original ending in which Emmett and Reese would kiss. That’s why the ending scenes show her journey of becoming a successful attorney.


9. Reese’s character wore nearly 30 scarves in “Legally Blonde.” 30 expensive scarves.


10. The test audience of “Legally Blonde” demanded an ending scene in which Elle graduates at the top of her Harvard class.


11. Reese’s character name in “Legally Blonde” was derived from a famous fashion magazine, Elle.

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12. “Legally Blonde” was initially planned to be set at the Chicago University. However, the university’s headmasters were uncomfortable with the idea that movie’s sexual innuendos will be filmed at one of their colleges.

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13. Reese was happy for the fact that she will once again star along with her friend Selma Blair. Before “Legally Blonde,” the two actresses starred together in “Cruel Intentions.”

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14. The million dog march scene in “Legally Blonde 2” was Witherspoon’s idea!


15. The dogs who were a part of the million dog march scene were all given credits as prod. assistants!