12 Things You Never Knew About The ‘Twilight’ Movies

There are numerous interesting facts about "Twilight" movies. Have a look at some of the most interesting ones down below!

Almost everyone has watched the famous “Twilight” movies. Some people love these movies while other people don’t. However, there are some facts about “Twilight” movies that will make “Twilight” fans like the movie even more and facts that will make “Twilight” haters like the movie.

Let’s see what those facts are:

1. Just before Jacob almost kissed Bella in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” he said something to her like “Kwop kilawtley.” This means “stay with me for an eternity” in Quileute.

2. Bella’s truck is a legendary movie prop. But, did you know that actress Kristen Stewart, who played Bella, actually bought that red truck?

3.Remember the members of the wolf pack which starred in “New Moon?” Well, these guys actually had to go to a real “wolf camp” in order to get bonded with each other before they started filming “New Moon.”

(Source: IMVU)

4. We all know that Mackenzie Foy was the main actress who played the character of Renesmee. But, no one among us knew that Renesmee’s character was also played by 10 other girls as her character was growing up.

5. Do you remember Bella’s gorgeous prom dress? You probably thought that her prom dress costed a fortune. However, Bella’s dress only costed $20 and was the cheapest “Twilight” movie prop ever.

(Source: Cosplay Sky)

6. We can swear to God that Edward’s eyebrows were bushier in the first “Twilight” movie than in other “Twilight” movies. Well, this is true because “Twilight” producers talked Edward into waxing his eyebrows for the second “Twilight” movies. Edward liked his thinner eyebrows so he decided to keep them.

(Source: Twilight Wiki)

7. When Bella and Edward said their vows and kissed for the first time as a husband and wife, a song called “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” started to play. That same song was actually played when Edward and Bella were dancing at their prom!

(Source: Thinking of Rob)

8. Kristen Stewart, the actress who played Bella, said in one interview that she couldn’t stand filming sex scenes with Edward. She said she was worried that their sex scenes didn’t look passionate. However, we think that they were extremely passionate because they broke a freaking bed during their honeymoon sex scene!

(Source: Twilight Series Theories)

9. Robert Pattinson, the actor who casted as Edward’s, was actually playing “Bella’s Lullaby” in “Twilight” movie’s piano scene.

(Source: Twilight Wiki)

10. “Twilight” author, Stephanie Meyer actually made a cameo appearance in the “Twilight” movie. She was the woman on laptop in the cafeteria.

(Source: Fanpop)

11. When Edward picked up the apple Bella dropped at the cafeteria, he actually recreated the “Twilight” book cover.

(Source: Uncyclopedia/Fanpop)

12. Taylor Lautner was almost signed off his role as Jacob in the following “Twilight” movies because the producers of the movie franchise were worried he wouldn’t be able to gain muscle. However, he proved them wrong and gained 25 pounds of muscle for the second “Twilight” movie!

(Source: The Telegraph)