10 Reasons Why Asians Are so Slim

We all know Asians are skinnier than the rest of us. But the reason isn't always genetics.

Have you ever wished you could be as skinny as an Asian? We all know they’re slimmer than the rest of us, but it’s not just genetics. Here are some ways Asians maintain their weight:

Exercise and Meditation

Asian healthcare is focused on prevention of diseases, as opposed to the Western treatment of diseases after they happen. Meditation, Tai Chi, and other activities are widely practiced in Asia to prevent the development of certain diseases, including obesity.


Due to higher population densities, Asians walk more through their cities and avoid using cars.

Healthy Desserts

Western desserts, as we all know, are full of sugar and cause significant weight gain. However, Asian desserts are often based on rice, seaweed, red beans, and fruit.

Green Tea

Drinking warm green tea instead of cold water or soda during meals encourages a faster metabolism.

Leafy Greens

While they have small portions of everything else, Asians eat lots of vegetables, especially leafy greens. They’ve even learned to make vegetarian dishes taste good!


Seafood, an Asian food staple, contain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, which has beneficial effects on the immune, vascular, and reproductive systems, and contributes to weight loss.

Fermented Foods

Typical Asian fermented foods such as miso soup, kimchi, and natto soybeans all contain probiotics from the fermenting process that encourage weight loss.

Cooking Methods

While a lot of Asian food we see in the West is fried, many Asian dishes are steamed or boiled. Restaurants adjust their menu to include what appeals to the people in their location.

Portion Size

Asians have smaller portion sizes and eat from several different kinds of dishes in one meal. Studies confirm that small portion reductions can lead to weight loss, regardless of food content. Volunteers at Cornell University ate reduced portions only during lunch, and each of them lost 1.1 lbs (500 g) in 2 weeks.

Attitude to Food

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While we all love food regardless of nationality, in the West, we see food as entertainment as well as sustenance. This mindset that Asians don’t have leads us to eat more and affects our body.