10 Paranormal Games You Should Never Play

Find out here about paranormal games you can play when the clock strikes midnight! Dare to play these games alone!

If you are bored of playing mundane games such as Monopoly, UNO, and Clash Royale, then why not try out playing games that will send you chills down your spine? We are not talking here about games you can play on a computer or on PlayStation, but about games that you can play in real life.

There are several paranormal games you can play all by yourself. These games hail from different cultures, and all are equally terrifying. In this article, we will feature 10 paranormal games that are said to lead you to another dimension, cast demons, and other freaky paranormal things.

It takes extra courage to play the games we will feature now. Keep in mind that you can play these games but on your responsibility. Also, keep in mind that these games are not for the ones faint of heart.

These are the scariest paranormal games ever:


1. The Elevator Game

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This game hails from South Korea. If you play this game correctly, you will enter another dimension. But if you play this game wrong, you will die.

To play this bone-chilling game all you need is an elevator and a ten-story building. Enter an elevator at midnight and ascend the floors at this sequence: 4,2,6,2,10,5. When you reach the last floor in the sequence, a creepy old woman will enter the elevator.

She will ask you questions. Don’t reply anything her anything. The elevator will again ascend to the 10th floor and lead you to another dimension.

2. The Closet Game


The whole purpose of this game is to make your home haunted by a demon. To play this game you will need a closet and matches. Enter your closet after midnight.

Make sure all lights in your home are off. Once in the closet, say the following “Show me the light or leave me in the darkness.” Once you say this phrase, you should hear a whisper.

The same moment you hear a whisper, light your match! If you don’t hear the whisper, the demon you summoned will leave you in eternal darkness!

3. Bloody Mary


To summon the spirit of Bloody Mary, a witch from the 17th century, you will need a bathroom, mirror, and a candle. Switch the lights off in your bathroom and then enter it.

Stand in front of a mirror. Light up a candle and hold it in front of the mirror. Chant “Bloody Mary” for nine times with pauses after every three chants.

Bloody Mary will appear behind you. She’ll probably be angry at you because you summoned her.

4. Ouija Board

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We bet that you are already familiar with the Ouija Board. We also hope that you never played it because that could turn your life upside down.

However, if you are curious and brave enough to use the Ouija Board, here’s a video how to use them.

5. One Man Hide and Seek


One Man Hide and Seek game originates from Japan. In Japan, they call this game Hitori Kakurenbo. To play this game, you will need a doll, some rice, a bathtub, and your fingernail.

Click here to find out how to play this creepy game.

6. Dry Bones


This game is way much scarier than One Man Hide and Seek. To play this game, you need a candle, match, and a mirror. Go to your bathroom at exactly 12:01 AM. Stand in front of a mirror and light a candle.

Say while looking in the mirror the following: “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now.” After this, escape the bathroom as fast as you can and hide in the least obvious hiding spot in your home.

A demon will seek you all around your house. If he doesn’t find you until 3 AM, you win this game.

7. The Fortune Game


This horrifying game hails from Japan where it’s called Tsuji-ora. To play this game, you will need something to cover your face with and a comb.

Go to a crossroad after midnight carrying two items you need for this game. Run the comb over your teeth for three times. After doing that, chant the following phrase three times: “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, grant me a true response.”

You will see that someone is approaching you. Cover your face before they stand in front of you. Now that your face is covered ask the mysterious person to tell your fortune.

8. The Telephone Ritual

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Turn off all of the lights in your home. Pour some salt in front of your bathroom’s door. Enter your bathroom with nothing but a telephone and a flashlight.

Call your home phone number and something could answer the phone. If that happens, immediately hang up. You will hear a scream coming from somewhere in your home.

9. The Answer Man


You will need 10 people to play this game, including you. All participants of this game should gather in a circle. Each player should take out their phone and call the person on their left.

Most of you will only get a busy signal. However, there will be one person whose call will be answered by the Answer Man. The person whom the Answer Man answers the call will answer any question.

However, the Answer Man will also ask questions and if he doesn’t like the answers, some bad things will happen.

10. Kokkuri San


Kokkuri San is a Japanese fortune telling game. It is basically the Japanese version of the Ouija Board.

Find a large piece of paper and write the Japanese alphabet onto it. Place a coin in the center of the paper. This will summon a Japanese demon called Kokkuri-san.

Start asking questions and the coin will spell out the answer. Before you end this game, don’t forget to place the coin on the word “Goodbye.”