10 Incredible Facts About Women You Probably Didn’t Know

You never knew these 10 amazing facts about women...

Here are some of the most amazing facts about women you probably didn’t know:

1. Ada Lovelace

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Did you know that the first computer programmer in the world wasn’t a man but a woman called Ada Lovelace? She is best known for her work on Charles Babbage’s machine called The Analytical Engine. That was supposed to be the first computer in the world but it has never been fully developed.

2. Old but Gold


Did you know that women live longer than men? Studies claim that an average woman is expected to live 79 years while an average man is expected to live 74 years.

3. Perfume and Women

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Did you know that women who wear perfume are perceived more attractive by other women than women who don’t wear a perfume?

4. A Woman’s Heart

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Did you know that a woman’s heart is smaller than a man’s heart? A woman’s heart only weighs 8 oz while a man’s heart weighs circa 10 oz.

5. Heels


Did you know that women weren’t supposed to wear heels? Heels were actually invented for Persian male warriors.

6. Talkative

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Did you know that women say on average 20,000 words a day while men only say 13,000 words a day on average?7

7. Facials

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Did you know that Ancient Roman woman used dirt and sweat scraped from gladiators’ skin as a facial mask?

8. Cheating

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Women are less likely to cheat than men.

9. Small Bladder Problems

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Woman use the restroom more than men because they have smaller bladders. That’s why your girlfriend goes to the bathroom every two hours.

10. 15 Seconds


Women have more trust in people who hug them more than 15 seconds.